Ingestible Biosensors: A Current Wave in invivo Bio-sensing


The outburst of wearable and embeddable technology has facilitated a substantial upsurge in their prolific utilization in biomedical applications. The area of point-of-care diagnostics and online monitoring with wirelessmobile networking leads to the paradigmatic shift in health revolution. The continuous development of smart pill technology more technically known as “ingestible biosensors” has been envisaged to hold promising potential in the diagnosis, imaging and targeted drug delivery especially in GIT related disorders. However, their applications are not limited to GIT and still underway for the other organs and diseases. It is envisaged that a novel paradigm of doctor-patient care will be developed by implementation of such devices at commercial level. Therefore, this article intends to describe about the various aspects and embodiments related to ingestible biosensors with simultaneous emphasis on technological bottlenecks and future research priorities in the development of commercialized “ingestible devices”.

Keywords: Smart pills; Ingestible devices; Wearable electronics; Bio-galvanic cells; Gastrointestinal tract (GIT).


by Anjali Sharma and Barkha Singhal*
School of Biotechnology, Gauatm Buddha University, Greater Noida (U.P.) Gautam Buddh Nagar 201310, U.P., India




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