Role of confidence in coping up with COVID-19


Suhana Mishra and Amir Mohammad Arsh,

Confidence plays a significant role in safeguarding both mental and physical health. As the pandemic triggers critical damage from socio-economic distress to mental health, it gives psychiatric issues to individuals. COVID-19 affects not just the individual infected but all those who were or are present around them. People feels lonely because of quarantine that causes depression, tension, sorrow, boredom and can be coped up by the self-confidence, inner peace, social help, proper knowledge about COVID-19 etc. Any issue including the COVID-19 pandemic can be solved by being calm, mentally sound, and imaginative about the surroundings.

KEYWORDS: SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, Confidence, Psychological problems, Fighting pandemic, Mental health, Economic recession

COVID-19 outbreak revealed us that pandemic can progressively led to economic crisis, stock market failure recession, unemployment which can lead to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, frustration and stress and had a serious impact in terms of mental health around the globe. Coping with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) might relate to the level of confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic. Confidence gives you abilities to trust yourself. It’s all about exploring your capabilities while feeling secure. The individuals who had greater confidence were more likely to adopt the scenario. All these psychological problems are in your mind, believing in yourself may prove to be a boon in these conditions.


The current situation of COVID-19 led people to feel feeling depressed and frustrated. They have uncertainty about their job, family, health, finance and many other things. Increase in poverty, drop in world’s output, fall in global trade, FDI drop, disrupted education system, mental health hazard, unemployment is resulting in chronic illness. And because of COVID-19 – a biological pandemic, world is helpless about the following things.

500M People People falling in poverty
3% Expected drop in world output
13%-32% Anticipated fall in global trade
30%-40% Estimated drop in FDI
80% Students worldwide (1.6bn) out of school in March 2020
34% Adults feeling adverse effects on their mental health during lockdown
1% Increase in unemployment results in 2% increase in chronic illness

Table 1. Some figures related to COVID-19 pandemic

Mental health complications are the serious issue of COVID-19. As the infection is spreading so rapidly the inflation rate and death rate are increasing every day. This long duration of lockdown and isolation minimize resources and financial difficulty among people worldwide. This all led to growth spurt  in mental health issues.
There is a need to understand the mental perspectives of COVID-19 and possible measures to cope with the pandemic for their effective management.

The confidence comes from higher social support which may decrease the uncertain and fearful feeling. Our observation found that better self-rated mental and physical health before COVID-19 outbreak were associated with higher confidence, indicating that good health status may contribute to confronting the unanticipated pandemic with confidence. Individual approach is important and by doing some things people can fight with COVID-19 in their mind, are discuss in Figure 2.

In success stories higher confidence, adequate protective equipments, COVID-19 knowledge, financial support, and medical services were found significantly related. Research has also found that there is less psychological effect correlated with up-to-date and reliable health knowledge about COVID-19 and adequate safety equipments. The analysis suggested that presence of physical signs and poor self-reported wellbeing status correlate dramatically with greater psychological distress. Our study showed that greater optimism was correlated with improved self-rated mental and physical wellbeing before the COVID-19 epidemic, suggesting that a good health status would lead to a positive confrontation of the unanticipated pandemic.

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