Short Living Biography – Dr B K Thelma


Prof B K Thelma, known as Thelma among the BioScience community is a well recognized leader in Medical Genomics Scientific research and among the few scientists who translated her research into application. Dr Thelma is an excellent example to understand how Genomics is done and how it is applied for the welfare of general public. Thus we are trying to write as much as possible about her for our readers who search for new avenues and career prospects in Genomics.

Early Life
Dr Thelma came from a pretty little town called Madikeri, situated in the hills and valleys of a heavenly place called Coorg, some three hours away from Mysore. She was raised by a very loving, caring and progressive family – which included her parents, grandparents and several aunts – in a small house with a large backyard. Her parents were busy state government officials. Her grandfather was a highly disciplined, gentle yet firm man who had served in the British army and was an art teacher in a government school. Thelma’s father, B G Kuttapa, had a transferable job buther mother, Muthamma, also a government employee, chose to stay with her elderly parents and look after them and the extended family.

by Piyush Kumar

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