“UNSUNG HEROES of BIOTECH”– The facts revealed from the files


In the article ”UNSUNG HEROES: the rise of Shantha Biotech, talk with Prof. Ramareddy Guntaka – the scientific brain behind the unparalleled success’’, published in October 2019 issue of Biotech Express Magazine, I tried to present the facts that how a big biotech company was built and made to run through the perspective of a scientist. When 82 years old Dr. Ramareddy V Guntaka approached me to do a story, I felt curious and went ahead to know more about the genesis of India’s first big biotech firm – the Shantha Biotech Ltd. and the pivotal role he played.

So I tried to approach Dr Varaprasad and record his version before publishing the article. Though many mails were sent to him, we could not get any reply from his side due to organizational problems at his end. I could not talk to him directly as most of the time he was travelling. After months of waiting, I have published the interview of Prof Guntaka in October 2019 issue of Biotech Express. After the publication, it came to the notice of Dr Varaprasad and he called me and let me know the facts and I got the complete picture, thus the points to recollect are:

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By Kamal Pratap Singh
Corresponding Author: kamal9871@gmail.com


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