Yashraj Biotechnology Limited, Mumbai sponsoring two IFCC Distinguished Awards in the World Lab Congress, Seoul, South Korea, 2020


The International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IFCC) confers distinguished awards to scientists and clinicians working in clinical chemistry, laboratory medicine and related disciplines. These triennial awards are the highest honor conferred by the Federation and bestowed to scientists and researchers for their outstanding achievements. This worldwide recognition is to publicize their exceptional research work and highlight other contributions that have improved healthcare and made advancements in clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine. This year these distinguished awards will be conferred during the World Lab Congress in Seoul, South Korea, 24-28 May 2020.

For more details kindly refer to:  https://www.ifcc.org/executive-board-and-council/eb-committees/awards-committe/2020-ifcc-awards-call-for-nominations/

IFCC Awards Categories
1. IFCC Distinguished Clinical Chemist Award – sponsored by Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd.
2. IFCC-Henry Wishinsky Award for Distinguished International Service since 1990 (IFCC Distinguished International Services Award 1981-1987) – sponsored by Siemens Healthineers.
3. IFCC Award for Distinguished Contributions in Education – sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.
4. IFCC Award for Significant Contributions in Molecular Diagnostics – sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.
5. IFCC Distinguished Award for Laboratory Medicine and Patient Care – sponsored by Sekisui Diagnostics.
6. IFCC-Robert Shaffer Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Development of Standards for Use in Laboratory Medicine – sponsored by NIST CLSI.
7. IFCC Distinguished Award for Contributions to the Cardiovascular Diagnostics – sponsored by HyTest.
8. IFCC-Gérard Siest Young Scientist Award for Distinguished Contributions in Pharmacogenetics – sponsored by Biologie Prospective.
9. IFCC Distinguished Women Scientist Award for Contribution to In Vitro Diagnostics – sponsored by Yashraj Biotechnology Ltd.
10. IFCC Young Investigator Award – sponsored by IFCC.

Several diagnostic giants have sponsored the awards for the IFCC 2020 to be held in South Korea from May 24-28th, 2020. Out of the 10 awards, two distinguished awards are sponsored by Yashraj Biotechnology Limited, Mumbai namely: ’IFCC DISTINGUISHED CLINICAL CHEMIST AWARD’and ‘IFCC DISTINGUISHED WOMEN SCIENTIST AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTION TO IN VITRO DIAGNOSTICS’. This initiative of Yashraj Biotechnology will not only honor the recipients for their outstanding work but in addition stimulate and encourage other scientists worldwide to accelerate their efforts in advancing clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine for improved medical and healthcare.

About Yashraj Biotechnology
Yashraj holds a huge reputation as a biotechnology company and a bulk manufacturer and supplier of the diagnostic reagents namely Antigens and Antibodies.

For more details please visit the website www.yashraj.com. For commercial enquiries please write to marketing@yashrajbio.com and for technical enquiries please write to gauri@yashrajbio.com.


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